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Products name:  Fire Shrimp
production season All year round
Show times 2589
 Product details :

Latin name:Metapenaeopsis barata

Process forms:Battered products,Butterfly,

Headon cooked or raw,HLSO,PUD tail off or tail on

Unit weight:10~20;21~25;26~30;31~40;41~50;51~60

 61~70;71~90;91~120 counts/lb

Packing:BQF bulk ctn;IQF interleaved ctn

1.Orders should be placed at least one month before the season starts.
2.Orders to process incoming raw materisls provided by customers for re-exports are welcomed.
3.On ordering, the parcent net weight and amount of glazing should be specified .Qantity, packing and shipment schedude requirements should also be stated.

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